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Weld-Class Solutions continues to deliver training during the current global health emergency via online courses. Please contact us for further information about how we can assist you maintain production and quality control at this time.

Weld-Class Solutions Ltd. has achieved the prestigious "Approved Training Body" status for the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and European Welding Federation (EWF) for the education and training of Welding Specialists.

We teach practical and useful training programmes....... not just text book theory. -“What I hear, I forget. What I see I remember. What I do, I understand” - Confucius

Training and Competence Solutions
We provide expertise in all aspects of personnel development including education, training, and coaching in a comprehensive range of welding and fabrication competencies.

Duration and focus
Training programmes include the very popular short one or two day welding awareness courses tailored specifically to the customers' requirements through to six week modular programmes.training

Open course fees include lunch, refreshments, course manual and any supporting course materials.

Bespoke Training
We can provide bespoke courses tailored to your individual requirements.

Find out more about Bespoke Training

Such programmes can be broad ranging or specific to a particular company's in-house activities or specific to a particular company's in-house activities.

Responsible Welding Coordinator Training

In response to demand from industry and the certifying bodies, Weld-Class Solutions Ltd. has developed an innovative modular training programme that will address all aspects of this new qualification allowing practictioners to complete a comprehensive training course or just address specific skill gaps. See our dedicated Responsible Welding Coordinator Training page for more information.

Welding Specialist Diploma
In addition to our practical and bespoke courses, we offer a six week Diploma course which delivers the “Welding Specialist” syllabus set by the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and European Welding Federation (EWF).

The examinations for the Diploma are a combination of both continuous assessments and end of module examinations.

Terms and Conditions

Our full training terms and conditions including our cancellation policy can be accessed here.

Training can be carried out at any worldwide location including various regional centres or at the customers' workplace which ensures both technical relevance such as product, materials and equipment and reduced costs such as course member accommodation costs and downtime such as travel time for the course member.


We offer courses in the following areas (click for detailed course listings):

Quality Control and Inspection

Welding Design

Materials and Weldability

Welding Process Technology

Practical Welding Courses

Bespoke Training Courses