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“I had the great pleasure of being mentored by Mark. All I can say is that there are very few better in industry to impart knowledge to a very high standard”.
Mark D - Director

5 reasons to work with Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd

  1. To provide professional and high integrity know-how in the education and training of all personnel working in the international welding and joining community
  2. To provide practical, real world and relevant solutions in all welding and joining related disciplines
  3. To provide innovative & cost effective technical excellence to a global market
  4. To raise the bar in the delivery of high quality and innovative training and consultancy services related to competence in welding.
  5. To set the future standards and trends for technical excellence in welding.

Where we operate and with whom

We have experience in many industry sectors including:

      • Aerospace
      • Petrochemical
      • Power generation,
      • Shipbuilding
      • Bridge construction
      • Transportation
      • Steel frame buildings
      • Oil and gas
      • Biomedical
      • Marine

We have worked with small, medium and large companies and their employees from:

      • UK & the EU
      • Russia
      • North and South America
      • Africa
      • Middle East including Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar and Oman,
      • South East Asia – Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore & China.
      • Australia and New Zealand
Practical Know How and Experience

  • 40+ years in the industry
  • Experience with welding most materials including ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
  • Intimate knowledge of both arc welding and non-arc welding processes including hybrid/ advanced welding systems
  • In depth knowledge of defining training programmes such as IIW, CSWIP, PCN and evolving new training and examination opportunities from a blank sheet.
  • 35+ years in education and training at all levels from shop floor to engineer
  • 30+ years as a Level 3 welding inspection training specialist
  • 15+ years at TWI – formerly the “World Centre for Materials Joining Technology”
  • 30+ years as a trained and practicing Welding Engineer
  • Nearly 20 years operating as an independent welding engineering consultant working on many diverse and technically challenging projects
Our Own Education and Competence

      • Full CGLI in practical and theory of engineering and welding for 7 years
      • Apprentice trained by MoD
      • Level 3 welding inspection specialist
      • Diploma in Welding Technology
      • Diploma in Welding Engineering
      • 15+ years gained at The World Centre for Materials Joining Technology
      • Chartered Engineer with Engineering Council
      • Fellow of the Welding Institute
      • Certified IIW Welding Engineer
      • Certified EWF Welding Inspection Engineer
      • 30 years as a member of TWI’s Membership, Education and Registration Committee until 2020 (1990-2020)
      • 10 years as a Member of the BINDT’s Certification Management Committee (2006-2016)
      • 5 years as Member of The Welding Institute’s Professional Board.