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Aerospace company Bristol UK

Welding expertise on engine performance monitoring using welded fuel lines in thin wall austenitic stainless steels.

Technical expert for applying inhouse aerospace welding specifications and the application of associated welding technology knowledge requirements

2005 Aerospace Company Bristol UK

Provision of an aerospace consultancy in the design and build of equipment welded using electron beam (EB) and precision TIG welding for the welding of aircraft components in a number of aerospace materials including nickel based alloys

Cornwall UK

Training and mentoring of personnel in quality control and the inspection and testing of aerospace components.

steel frames and steel FRAME BUILDINGS

Product Design Review, UK, 2018

Mark conducted a design review regarding the welding of a streel frame structure for Execution Class 2 work related to EN 1090 – Execution of steel and aluminium structures, ensuring that it met the requirements of both EN 1090 and EN ISO 3834 requirements

Assessments of Product Conformity, UK, 2018

WCS Ltd were engaged as the technical expert for the assessments regarding product conformity with regard to welding quality management specified in EN ISO 3834 (Quality requirements for the fusion welding of metallic materials).

Procedure Development, UK, 2018

WCS Ltd were involved in the development of welding procedure specifications for structural steel requirements, ensuring they were in line with EN ISO 15614 Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials and EN1090 Part 2 (Execution of steel and aluminium structures).

Welding Coordination Function, UK, 2018

WCS Ltd were involved in the assessment of welding coordination function in line with EN ISO 14731 requirements including technical reviews, health and safety, qualification of personnel, inspection and testing, equipment performance and welding quality management systems (WQMS).


The repair of a failed structural member in “Maraging” stainless steel project involved precision welding repair, followed by heat treatment and subsequent inspection under close scrutiny of the manufacturer’s third party.

The welding of thick section armour plate for various blast failures on tanks measuring blast damage and ballistic performance.

Research & Development into numerous defence projects involving welding technology.

Welding repairs to hovercraft structures in aluminium alloys used in the reconnaissance of weaponry and artillery.

Welding repairs in thick section aluminium alloys.

Design and development of structures for the reconnaissance of anti-personnel mines

Research and development of a design and build of a plenum chamber for jet engine aircraft.


1987 Lorry manufacturer

Welding procedure development and consultancy for on chassis constructions.

2004 Luxury Motor Manufacturer

Provision of a welding technology consultancy in weld quality improvements, weld design, materials selection and process optimisation.

2012 Coach manufacturer UK

Technical expertise in establishing the correct testing of welder’s competence.

2005 Rail Transportation Derby UK

Technical expert for the correct assessment of EN ISO 3834 Welding Quality Requirements with technical training and consultancy in SQA auditing.

2006 Engineering Company Huntingdon UK

Consultant and technical expert for the welding procedure development for austenitic stainless steel battery components for high speed trains for the German Federal Railways Office to EN 15085.


1996-8 - Technical expert for the repair welding and inspection techniques for fatigue fractures in aluminium catamaran ferry constructions.

2006-2012 Shipbuilders Portsmouth UK

Consultancy in the procedural development for the quality control of welding, workmanship and the correct visual testing of welds for the manufacture of the Type 45 destroyer Daring Class vessel.

2013 Shipbuilders Portsmouth UK

Provision of consultancy on welding design rules to designers and naval architects for surface ships including the new build super-size aircraft carriers.

2013 Shipbuilding SE Asia

Technical expert overseeing an into the investigation of hydrogen weld metal cracking in ship hulls. Effects of seasons on the risks of hydrogen generation and cracking were evident.

2010/11 Lawyers - London UK

Investigation into a passenger vessel in which a welded aluminium plate failed that caused a fatal accident. A welding engineering expert witness report was produced which saw the case settled out of Court after a number of years.


Various long-term technical expert, consultancy and training projects in many fields were satisfied

Roll out of EN ISO 3834 welding quality management requirements within a welding led company

Design of a welding competence programme within the same company and the introduction of welding training and qualification initiative.

Technical expertise by consulting with the design and development team of the fatigue resistance of critical components comparing the use of plasma arc and laser cutting and shaping processes.

Project in the production of welding procedure specifications for various components in steels including steel grades S355K2, S460 NL and S460 ML for ensuring fracture toughness requirements were met.

Welding Assessor/Auditor training in the competent assessment of welding quality management systems for personnel involved in satisfying EN 729, EN ISO 3834 and DIN standards.

Troubleshooting of a weldability related cracking problem for a bridge component where incorrect specification of materials was discovered.

Fabricator S Wales UK: Project in the investigation into distortion control of heavy section components in steel and subsequent successful training course delivery to ~100 operators and supervisory staff within the company on distortion control measures.

2014 De-construction company London UK

Technical delivery of a gas safety training course following a serious safety breach involving the Health and Safety Executive. Investigation into the accident revealed a need for a change in procedures and the evolution of best practice requirements.

Fabricator and the National Steel Specification in Poole Dorset UK

2006 Provision of technical expertise in the execution and assessment of welded joints to the National Steelwork Specification.

2012 Fabrication repair - London UK

Technical expert involving the proposal, coordination and execution of a significant repair to a modification on an iconic 1960’s built building in London under the scrutiny of Consulting Engineers.

2003 Mining Equipment UK

Technical expert in the design, fabrication and welding of wear resistant steels and the correct determination and application of preheat for welded joints in order to minimise the risk of hydrogen induced cracking.

2006 Fabricator - West London UK

Investigation into the incorrect use of welding consumables used on a steel frame building. The technical expertise provided allowed for a concession with the consultant engineers rather than de-construction of the building which provided a huge cost saving.

Documentation review involving the compliance assessment of welding procedure qualification records packs for steel construction in S355 J2 material grades using MAG welding and TCMAW welding processes.

2006 UK Metal Smelting Plant UK

Technical expertise for process control improvements using MIG welding on recycled titanium products for smelting.

Expert witness and TECHNICAL advisor experience

Marine Fabrication, Asia, 2018

Mark acted as the expert witness in the investigation into product non-conformity to the requirements of DNV Specifications.

Design review, contract review and technical review, UK, 2018

Mark was the technical expert on a litigation case of an inspection body versus a Fabricator regarding contract review/scope of inspection work for a building located in the Middle East.

Offshore Industry Compliance, UK, 2018

Mark was the technical expert and expert witness in a case regarding the compliance of a structure for the offshore industry .

Ship and Vessel Welding Repairs, UK, 2016 - 2018

Mark was acting as both technical expert and mentor regarding the correct application of ship and vessel welding repairs. This also included inspection and non-destructive testing involving IACS 47 Specification, LR Rules and DNV Rules.

Conformity assessment/audit of Inspection Bodies, Various UK locations, 2016-2018

He was the technical expert regarding the surveillance, inspection and audit of Accredited Certification Bodies in accordance with ISO 17021 and ISO 17065  Conformity Assessment requirements.

Product Compliance, North West UK, 2017

Mark was required with the technical lead to produce an extensive review and report concerning product non-compliance. Mark acted in the capacity of technical expert and as the expert witness regarding whether a pressure piping system conformed to ASME B31.3 requirements and ASME IX requirements under the EU PED. This assessment also included a review of some 300 welds visually, as well as the assessment of corresponding radiographs, welding procedure qualifications and the traceability of inspection records and test plans. He contributed significantly to the welding engineering function including the assessment of personnel and the validity of welding procedures.

Design Review of Mining Equipment, Worcestershire UK, 2017

Mark was the technical expert for a welding design review of mining equipment for the welding of wear resistant steels.

Water Pump and Water treatment Projects, S Wales and Gloucestershire UK, 2015 & 2017

Mark was the technical expert working with two different water treatment companies who build steel frames who were aiming for EN1090 and EN ISO 3834 Certification .

Conformity Assessments, Various locations throughout the UK, 2016-2018

Mark was involved in the conformity assessments of welding procedure qualifications to EN ISO 15614, ASME IX and other standards including welder qualification testing EN ISO 9606, ASME IX and BS 4872. This was to ensure it stood up to the Pressure Equipment Directive requirements.

Manufacturing Company, Birmingham UK, 2016

Mark was both the technical expert and the consultant for a motor vehicle component manufacturing company. This was for a key contractor working for a major car manufacturer which involved a number of critical areas of welding technology including aspects such as welding process optimisation for robotics, inspection and testing criteria as well as retraining a range of employees in up to date welding technology.

Pressure vessel and Pressure Piping Project, East Anglia UK, 2016

Mark was the consultant performing a welding engineering and inspection criterion for a pressure vessel and pressure piping company in East Anglia and was involved in establishing welding procedure requirements to ASME IX and EN ISO requirements in a range of materials and welding processes.

Product Failure Investigation, Essex UK, 2016

Mark conducted a second investigation following the failure of a steel product after the first investigation by another body failed to establish conclusive evidence. Mark spent a short time discussing the problems and working with shop floor personnel. It was established quickly as being attributable due to poor welding techniques. This was on a product that had not seen any failures for some 30 years. Mark established that due to higher productivity needs, the products were welded vertically down which had created a high risk of lack of fusion.

Ship Repair and Refurbishment Programme, Florida USA, 2015/6

He was the technical expert and consultant on an aluminium welded ship repair and refurbishment programme worth $23 million where problems had been seen with welding defects and root penetration control in pipe welds welded from one side. By the correct application of the key welding parameters in line with the welding procedure requirements full “wedding ring” weld penetration was achieved.

Responsible Welding Coordination Programme, UK, 2010-2018

Mark was involved in the roll out and delivery of a distance learning Responsible Welding Coordination Programme for EN 1090 and in its design and that it also satisfied EN ISO 3834 requirements.

Consultant for Key Components, Northern England UK, 2015

Mark was the welding design consultant for welding of nuclear/atomic components, gas turbines and aircraft components.

Bridge Failure, European Union, 2018

Mark acted as both the technical expert and as the consultant in the matter of a bridge failure and repair where lack of process control initiated a sting of welding repair needs.

Road Vehicle Compliance, UK, 2017

Mark was the technical expert on the assessment of the product compliance needs of road vehicles carrying dangerous goods. He reviewed standards and comparison of technical requirements for welding, inspection and testing of products and produced a number of technical reports that were well received by the client.


2011 Scotland UK

Technical consultancy and mentoring for novel hydrocracker repair techniques utilising Surface Tension Transfer (STT) MAG welding

2012 Aberdeen Scotland UK

Training of Fabrication company employees in the understanding and assessing of key welding documents and their requirements of the UK oil and gas industry.

2013 New Malden Surrey

Mark was the technical expert in the training and development of engineers in surveillance welding inspection and visual testing of welds in the oil and gas industry

2013 Aberdeen Scotland

As a holder of certain qualifications required by the client, Mark was appointed as the Technical Expert for the assessment of welding and fabrication documentation for process piping for Client specific specifications.

2014 Darlington UK

Mark was selected as technical expert for a company in the application of welding design rules for subsea products for the delivery of design engineering competence

2014 Poole Dorset UK

Mark was appointed as technical expert for the competent assessment of technical fabrication files and documentation packs for an oil and gas contract involving welded steel piping systems

Aberdeen Scotland UK

Mark was again appointed as the technical expert for the assessment of a welding and testing fabrication file - compliance assessment to BP Specifications

2014 Belfast UK

Storage tank construction and repair company - Failure of repair welding of a storage tank which required a review of radiographs and an investigation into the root cause of weld defects established in a refurbishment programme. In service contamination, lack of parent metal cleaning before welding and magnetic arc blow were identified as the main causes of the defects.

2012 St Ives Cambridgeshire UK

Technical expert in the troubleshooting of gas porosity in Monel® pipe welds made by automated orbital pulsed TIG welding.

2012/3 Staines UK

Technical delivery of “Welding coordination in the Oil and Gas Industry for Engineers”

Technical delivery of “Surveillance inspection for oil and gas projects” to Engineers


Lawyers UK

2017 Technical expert/expert witness in the investigation into litigation related to product compliance shortfall of a piping system to ASME B31.3 requirements

2014 Wales

Delivery of technical expertise for QA/QC requirements for Transco P2 and P9 specifications for cross country pipelines.

Cambridge UK

1999 Delivery of BGAS pipeline welding inspection requirements of PS P2 specification for transition training to CSWIP welding inspector for cross country pipeline welding projects

2000 Delivery of PS P9 Hot tap training in the procedures for hot tapping.

Inspection company - Essex UK

Technical Expert for 316L austenitic stainless steel tank inspection for product compliance. The products were rejected by the client based on the supplied report.

2010 England & Scotland

Technical expertise for the presentation of “Workmanship standards in the nuclear industry - The NAVSEA specifications”

2013 Didcot Oxfordshire UK

TIG welding -getting the best from the process and the introduction of pulsed TIG welding to satisfy highest quality welding requirements

2013 UK

Technical expert and consultant for the surveillance inspection of offshore wind turbines/monopiles

2013 Tidal/Wave Power Welding Engineering Need -  Eire

Provision of technical expertise and consultancy in welding design improvements and including the detailed needs of welding engineering requirements for subsea tidal/wave turbine products.

2013 UK

Consultancy and technical expertise in troubleshooting hydrogen weld metal cracking and the use of specialist ultrasonic testing in the detection of such problems for wind generation plant.

2014 Bristol West

Delivery of technical expertise in welding design rules for nuclear industry engineers in different materials and applications

2010 Suffolk England

Technical support for specialist TIG/GTAW welding procedures for nuclear installation.

2011 Derby UK

Technical consultancy and mentoring for the correct use of submerged arc welding in the nuclear build industry.

2015 West Midlands

Technical expertise in the needs of Welding Inspection and visual testing for power plant manufacture using power generation materials and welding procedure requirements.

ALUMINIUM Technology

2010 Essex UK

Technical expertise for a product and process review into the welding of aluminium alloys to the requirements of various standards under welding quality management systems (WQMS) for EN ISO 3834 requirements and Notified Body approval. This also included the training of welding coordination personnel for aluminium only frames using novel Cold Metal Transfer welding equipment.

2009 Winchester UK

Technical expertise into welding design requirements for fatigue loaded structures.

2009– Luton UK

Technical expert for the repair of aluminium moulding using friction stir welding


2011 Wales UK and 2012 England UK

Technical expertise for the delivery of welding technology in the medical industry for engineers – Considerations of the design and build needs of medical devices.


“Welding Inspection and NDT for Ship Building and Repair”, QA/QC courses, 2016.

“Welding Technology for the Automotive Industry, QA/QC courses, 2015

“Macro Testing of Welds”, QA/QC courses, 2015

“Visual Inspection of Welds to EN ISO 17637”, 2013,

“Effective Welding Design”, Welding Design, 2012

“Effective Welding Coordination”, QA/QC courses, 2010

“Best Practice Guide for Welding Medical Devices”, 2005

 “Preparing welding procedures to EN ISO 15614”, QA/QC courses, 2005

“PCN Welding Inspector”, Inspection and Testing of Welded Joints, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018

“IWS Welding Coordination”, Post Graduate Training, 2004, 2010.

“Essentials of Welding Design”, Welding Design, 2002 to present

"The Effects of Square Wave Alternating Current on the Mechanical Properties of Arc Welded Joints". CEng Thesis, 1999

 “Welding Technology for the Aerospace Industry” General Welding Technology, 1998

“Modular Programme of Welding Engineering”, Post Graduate Training, 1996

“Welding Design Key Knowledge”, Welding Design, 1995

“Visual Inspection of Welds to EN 970”, Inspection and Testing of Welded Joints, 1994

“Welding Inspector 3.0”, Inspection and Testing of Welded Joints, 1993

“Qualification of Welding Procedures and Welders to EN288/287”, QA/QC courses, 1992

“CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.2 Course Manual “, Inspection and Testing of Welded Joints, 1990

“CSWIP Welding Supervisor Course Manual”, Inspection and Testing of Welded Joints, 1989

“Diploma in Welding Technology”, Post Graduate Training course notes, 1988

 “CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1 course manual”, Inspection and Testing of Welded Joints, 1987

“Practical Quality Welding”, QA/QC courses, 1987

“Best practice Guides for Qualifying Welding Procedures and Visual Inspection of Welded Joints”

“The Welding of Fillet Welded Joints”

“Welding Symbols and Their Interpretation”


Various training courses (typically 900 courses) in all aspects of welding and materials engineering, This included welding process technology, materials and their behaviour, welding design, QA/QC inspection, destructive and non-destructive testing and Quality Management Systems and Welding Quality Management Systems. It also included both CSWIP and PCN Welding Inspector at L1, L2 and L3, 1987- 2018

Professional Review Interviews of Chartered and Incorporated Engineers to Engineering Council UK Spec, 2000-2018

Technical presentation on MIG/MAG welding, The Welding Institute North London branch, 2018

Technical presentation on the review and interpretation of welding procedure requirements, The Welding Institute North London branch, 2017

Technical presentation on the review and interpretation of visual testing requirements, The Welding Institute North London branch, 2016

Programme Manager and Course Director for the IIW Postgraduate Diploma courses in Welding Engineering which included failure investigative work.