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What is Welding Engineering?

Welding Engineering is a term used to describe a complex range of technical subjects or topics related to a vast range of welded products.

From welding process technology, to parent materials selection and their response to welding, welding metallurgy aspects, essentials of welding design, welding inspection and testing, quality assurance and quality control, welding engineering is an important part of the manufacturing process that affects and influences the structural integrity and design life of welded products. See case study which demonstrates our awareness of advanced welding technologies..

The following describes some of the services we are able to offer:

Technical Appraisals

Validation of initial or prototype design, feasibility studies and design reviews. Review of technical reports, project planning, management and coordination services in accordance with various codes and standards.

weld_pipeTechnical Audits

Independent technical and quality assurance auditing of manufacturers and their subcontractors related to welding coordination requirements such as ISO3834. Quality requirements for the fusion welding of metals.

Materials performance and selection

Assessment of weldability, metallurgical and mechanical performance of both ferrous and non ferrous alloys including material selection, monitoring and inspection.

Welding Design

Review of initial and existing designs for possible welding engineering improvements and to establish solutions in all aspects of design including process selection, joint design, welding communication, economics, production enhancement and inspection criterion.

Welding process and fabrication technology

Welding equipment and welding consumable performance evaluation. Welding procedure development and approval testing to most International and European standards. Measurement and control of welding parameters, preheating and interpass temperature control. Defect assessment & interpretation and associated inspection and non destructive testing technology.

Production review

Evaluation of product and process combinations to ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and cost saving. Economic solutions to achieving increased productivity and performance.

Failure Investigations

Failure investigation services including initial evaluation to full assessment of failures.

Surveillance Inspection

Full in-process-monitoring services aimed at high quality value added product improvements and coaching for the benefit of all shop floor personnel.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Preparation of quality related activities including QA manuals and control procedures for all welding and fabrication aspects. Guidance on the feasibility of non destructive testing (NDT) methods and inspection techniques including practices and procedures. Validation and calibration procedures for all types of fabrication and testing equipment related to welding.