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  • Free career advice for all personnel
  • CV assessment and updating service
  • Professional recruitment services
  • Professional development of individuals and company personnel.


The above services are available for all personnel engaged in all general sectors of engineering related to welding engineering, technology and inspection.

Free career advice:
Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd can advise personnel who wish to aim for improved positions within companies or for new contracts. The advice would cover a broad range of characteristics including education, qualification and professional development.

Independent and unbiased curriculum vitae review:
Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd offers a platinum CV service where we will assess your current CV / resume and provide constructive feedback on improvements that could be made to enhance the information.

This is an iterative process which takes a number of reviews and discussions with the client in order to optimise the CV. It should be acknowledged that your CV has the potential to significantly assist you in the attainment of a more senior position (and financial reward).

The finished document, which is your principle marketing tool for job applications, promotions and the achievement of professional qualifications, provides a true and accurate record of you and the expertise you are able to demonstrate both accurately and effectively.

Professional recruitment services:
We are able to resource the best available personnel in all aspects of welding engineering, inspection and non destructive testing including Engineers, Technologists, Specialists and Practitioners for short or long term contracts both at home and overseas.

We are also able to ensure the best combination of relevant education, qualifications and experience of individuals through our network of associates to bring you the highest quality and best personnel.

Professional Development:
As a professional provider of education, training and technical services, Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd are here to help both companies and individuals to promote best practice in the life long development of personnel and ensure timely career progression in line with the UK's Engineering Council directives related to Professional Development (PD).

If you have any questions regarding any of the details related to these services please contact us for further information or advice.