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Terms and conditions for training courses and examinations/qualifications

General details:

  • Prior to enrolling on a course/exam, please check with us for suitability or pre-requisite entry or experience requirements.
  • For open courses please complete the enrolment form on the website and send to our Bookings email address as directed.
  • A separate enrolment form must be completed for each booking/course member.
  • For open courses, enrolments received without full payment or an order number will be treated only as a provisional booking which does not guarantee a course place.
  • For all training courses (open or private), in the event of cancellation by the client the fees will be returned less a cancellation charge of 25%. If less than 21 days notice is given by the client, Weld-Class Solutions Ltd reserve the right to retain or claim for 100% of the original quotation including any VAT.
  • We will not disclose your details to any third party but we may make further contact with you or the company following the training course in relation to other client satisfaction or other services or offerings. At this time you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any further communications.
  • Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd reserves the right to cancel any training course if there are conditions beyond our control including but not limited to: insufficient bookings, course venue problems, travel problems, flight cancellations, sickness of the lecturer/trainer or other difficulties. Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd will however provide as much notice as is possible at that time.
  • Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd also reserves the right to change lecturers or instructors and the course content as required, should any problems arise before or during the training course/examination.
  • Open training courses (including examinations and qualifications) are only provided following a confirmed booking notification and the receipt of appropriate joining instructions which will be sent to the client or course member directly.
  • The course costs include the training course and any examinations if advertised as a “package” event. All open courses include lunch and refreshments (Tea, coffee etc).
  • Please contact us direct with regard to any special requirements including facilities for the disabled and religious or special dietary needs.
  • Course delegates are required to book their own accommodation to suit their individual requirements


Payment of Fees

  • In the case of late enrolments, payments must be made immediately before the course start.
  • To protect online payees from fraudulent internet activity, payments should be made by Paypal® for open courses. Other arrangements by agreement beforehand.
  • Please note that both UK and overseas students are required to pay VAT at the prevailing rate on all training and examinations provided in the UK.
  • Full payment and/or Company Order Number must accompany the enrolment form(s) to confirm a booking.


Bespoke training courses for single clients:

For private in-house courses, written acceptance of any proposal & costing by a client or third party is required. A quotation will be provided by Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd which provides details related to all costs but not including reasonable expenses. We however will provide an estimate of expenses on request. A written confirmation is required before the event(s) is/are provided which must be immediately confirmed with a purchase order from the client detailing the quotation number if applicable.

Invoices are issued at the end of a training course or for longer programmes at selected times agreed with the client. Payments are strictly 30 days from date of invoice.  All payments are subject to the current European Union legislation regarding late payment and may incur interest charges in accordance with such legislation.

Bespoke company courses can also be paid by cheque, credit card - Mastercard, Eurocard, Visa are accepted as are debit card, banker’s draft or bank transfers including BACS.


Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of technical (or otherwise) statements, views or opinions expressed by trainers of Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd, or any misinterpretations of the course materials or information provided during the training course or any misinterpretations subsequent to the training course by course members / delegates or the company if a private course has been commissioned.

For training courses and examinations held at a client’s premises, any liability related to any legal, insurance (personal or company), health, safety or environmental aspects is the responsibility of the client.

For training courses held at 3rd party facilities all liability is the responsibility of that third party only and in the event of any form of claim Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd will not be liable for any costs associated with such parties

It is the responsibility of any single client to confirm details, cover and scope of insurance such as Professional Indemnity Insurance of Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd before any work is carried out at site venues or establishements.