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If the standard courses listed in this section do not "fit the bill" for your particular requirement, please contact us to discuss. We have built our business reputation on providing bespoke courses tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Let us know the problems you have identified and the outcomes you are seeking and we will design a course to suit. We can combine elements of the standard courses or research new course material if required to ensure that we deliver exactly what you are looking for.

We are flexible as to timing and location - we have conducted training courses all over the world - sometimes at very short notice.

We are always competitive on price whilst maintaining the highest professional standards.

Some advantages of providing on-site training courses include:

  • The training can be specific to the company’s personnel and products.
  • Programmes specifically designed to your requirements – we will establish your exact needs.
  • Tailored training means better use of the overall training time.
  • No travel and accommodation costs for your personnel - we come to you – pretty much anywhere in the world.
  • Courses are run in house when you want the training – we can run most training courses at the company or many classroom courses at other facilities such as local hotels

On-site training benefits staff throughout your organisation:

Management personnel:

  • Improved understanding of how welding impacts your business can mean improved understanding and reduced costs.
  • Improved knowledge and abilities of personnel can mean improved team work.

Design personnel:

  • Improved welding design capability can mean improved designs and less costly mistakes.
  • Improved access for welding can mean less overall down time.
  • Improved joint design can mean less weld metal volume, reduced consumable costs, less welding defects and less costly inspection.
  • Improved welding design and welding quality requirements can mean improved standards of sub-contracted work.
  • Improved design can mean efficient overall production.

Production personnel:

  • Improved production procedures can mean improved manufacture.
  • Improved deposition rates can mean improved productivity.
  • Improved welder skills and knowledge can mean improved product quality, less spatter problems and a safer environment.

Quality Assurance/Control personnel:

  • Improved quality procedures can mean improved process control.
  • Improved QA system can mean a more efficient and profitable organisation.

Inspection personnel:

  • Improved inspection practices can mean improved inspection efficiency.
  • Improved defect identification can mean better product integrity.
  • Improved workmanship and quality can mean greater customer satisfaction.

Isn’t it time to invest in developing your company’s most important asset?