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Course WTC-2 Welder Training and Competence Programme

Duration: 10 days

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Course overview:Welder training is an essential requirement throughout the career of welders and has a significant impact of the finished quality of the welded product. This course is designed specifically for individual companies and includes specific materials and welding processes. The course spends around 1-2 hours per day on theory and the remainder on enhancing the operator’s knowledge and understanding of practical welding techniques so that they are prepared for success in qualification testing.

Course content:

Health and safety in welding; terms and definitions; setting up the welding equipment; equipment maintenance; welding parameters and their effects; welding procedures and their interpretation; welder qualification testing; visual inspection of completed welds; imperfections types-causes and avoidance; reading weld symbols; significant welder coaching and instruction; end of course testing to international standards or local equivalent standards; competency assessment on the above.

Course outcomes:

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Correctly set-up the welding equipment for the different applications used in production
  • Correctly adjust and maintain welding equipment to ensure the consistent performance required for quality welding.
  • Correctly identify welding imperfections and be able to understand their main causes and avoidance.
  • Correctly interpret a welding procedure specification and be able to understand the content.
  • Correctly assess a weld visually in relation to features and imperfections and apply a defined acceptance standard.
  • Understand Health and Safety requirements related to welding and fabrication.
  • To pass welding tests to the requirements of given requirements.

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