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Course WSA-1 Weld Joints and Weld Symbols - Deduction, Interpretation and Application

Duration: 2 Days

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Course overview:

Much time and money is lost by poor understanding of joint designs and the subsequent application of weld symbols on drawings. This course, which has a bias towards practical case studies, is specifically aimed at all levels of design personnel who need to be able to initially deduce a suitable joint design and apply the correct weld symbols to drawings for shop floor personnel who also need to be able to interpret their meaning. The course main aim is to give the course member an in- depth look at specifying weld joint design requirements and the application by weld symbols.

Course content:

Joint designs in welding – terminology; weldology requirements; factors that influence correct joint design for a given application; features of a welded joint and requirements for different welding processes; weld symbol standards (BS EN ISO AWS); The basic rules of weld symbol standards; Case studies in the application of joint designs and weld symbols; advanced details of joint designs and weld symbols; reading weld symbols; interpretation of weld symbols; case studies on the correct deduction, interpretation and application.

Course outcomes:

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the factors that influence joint design details
  • Understand various welding technology topics associated with weld joint designs.
  • Understand the required features for different applications and materials types
  • Deduce suitable joint designs for given applications
  • Appreciate the application of weld symbols
  • Understand the different standards of weld symbols
  • Correctly identify and appreciate the different weld symbol types.
  • Understand and apply simple and advanced weld symbols
  • “Read” and understand different weld symbols and  appreciate any technical implications.
  • Understand details related to the correct application of weld symbols
  • Appreciate different welding technology aspects that influence weld symbol selection and interpretation

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