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Course WDA-1 Causes and Avoidance of Welding Imperfections

Duration: 1 day

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Course overview: This course is aimed at a range of personnel who require a good understanding of welding imperfections (or defects). A key feature is how imperfections are avoided and whether they are acceptable or not. The course begins with a review of the different types of welding imperfections and the looks at practical ways of avoiding individual problems and interpreting acceptance standards. The course is also ideal for candidates moving on to the welding inspector training courses.

Course content: Welding imperfections terminology; different types of imperfections; causes and avoidance of each imperfection type; different acceptance criteria in various standards and codes; assessment and identification of imperfections; case studies for effective identification; assessment and possible remedial work for given imperfections.

Course outcomes: On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Correctly identify the different welding imperfections that influence the performance of welded products.
  • Understand the correct terminology.
  • Understand the various ways in which imperfections are caused and how they can be avoided practically.
  • Understand different concepts for acceptance criteria for various applications and standards of workmanship
  • Understand specific welding and weldability problems
  • Appreciate the implications of  individual imperfections

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