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Course WD-3 Specifying Welding Procedure Specifications from Drawings

Duration: 4 Days

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Course overview:This course is specifically aimed at design personnel who need to be able to specify the correct welding procedure specifications from drawings. The course also provides a very good overview of welding procedure specifications which is suitable for both design and welding personnel who wish to gain an in depth view of this area of technology.

Course content:Welding terminology; aspects of weldology: weld sizes versus range of qualification; welding processes, welding techniques, design considerations and range of qualification; edge preparations & joint design selection and effects on range of qualifcation; welding procedure specifications (WPS); application of WPS to drawings; materials selection, weldability and range of qualification; fatigue design, brittle fracture and influence of range of qualifcation; Assessment of welding drawings versus WPS’s for compliance; case studies and case history for effective WPS application; End of course assessment.

Suitable for:

Non welding and welding design personnel, CAD personnel, welding engineers and welding supervisors who are required to understand the technical considerations of weld design and the interaction of welding procedure specifications.

Course outcomes:

On completion of the course you should be able to:

  • Be able to communicate effectively using correct welding terminology.
  • Have a high level of understanding of weld procedure specifications and apply effectively and correctly to engineering drawings.
  • Understand various welding technology aspects that influence welding procedure selection
  • Appreciate advantages and limitations of  welding processes and techniques in relation to the drawing, design and WPS requirements
  • Deduce the most suitable WPS’s for a given application.
  • Understand the scope of welding procedure specifications
  • Understand the different types of materials, their properties and WPS selection.
  • Understand joint design concepts for improving fatigue life and WPS selection.
  • Understand different weldability problems and implications of WPS selection.
  • Understand the practicalities from case studies.
  • Pass the end of course test

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