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Course WD-2 Understanding and Assessment of Welding Qualification Documentation

Duration: 2 Days

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Course overview: This course is specifically designed for QA/QC and other personnel who need to be able to understand the interaction of various welding technology aspects that are seen on welding documentation design in order that they are able to specify the correct welding procedure specification for different applications.

The course also provides a very good overview of the assessment of documentation packs seen in the welding environment which makes it equally suitable for welding or non-welding personnel.

The course looks at the technical details of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and their interaction with other qualification documents such as the Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) and the Welder Qualification Test Certificate (WQTC) along with other back up documentation including the material and consumable certificates against the qualification standards.

Course content: Terms and definitions; making a weld; what’s in a weld?; understanding a “weldology” assessments; understanding weldability assessments; requirements of codes; welding design factors; welding process and welding consumable requirements; joint designs and welding symbols; NDT requirements; defining a scope for assessment; review of welding procedures and associated documentation and its meaning; compliance to specification; prioritising the findings; significant hands on experience of assessing welding documentation.

Course outcomes:

On completion of the course you should be able to:

  • UNDERSTAND – the principals and practices involved in welding technology and the quality control requirements of fabricated products.
  • LEARN how to assess welding documentation and know the quality control requirements to ensure compliance.
  • DISCOVER how to assess welding procedure and welder qualification documentation efficiently and effectively.
  • OBTAIN practical knowledge of the pitfalls commonly seen in such documentation.
  • DEVELOP appropriate methodologies for the effective assessment of a range of welding related documents.
  • FIND innovative ways to deal with and how best to manage the process of assessment.
  • GAIN insights into setting and assessing different levels and scopes of documentation found in welding.

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