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Course WAA-1 The Weldability of Aluminium Alloys

Duration: 1 day

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Course overview:The welding of different types of the various aluminium grades requires a number of considerations to be assessed in order that the finished weld satisfies its intended purpose. This course looks at various topics related to the welding of a range of aluminium alloys and provides course members with a firm understanding of the controls required for successful welding.

Course content: Review of aluminium alloys, heat-treatable and non-heat-treatable alloys, work hardening types; achievement of mechanical and metallurgical properties; structure of the welded joint; heat affected zones; weld metal metallurgy; welding process selection; welding consumable selection; heat input control; welding techniques; cracking and corrosion in aluminium alloys – causes and avoidance.

Suitable for: Non-welding personnel including Engineers who are required to appreciate weldability problems and solutions the successful welding of aluminium. Also suitable for welding inspectors, welding engineers and welding supervisors who are required to understand the technical considerations of different stainless steels types and their weldability.

Course outcomes:

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the different types of stainless steels available and their general weldability problems.
  • Understand the different ways in which stainless steels are produced and the effects on weldability.
  • Derive appropriate welding data for a given application.
  • Appreciate the factors that influence welding process and welding consumable selection.
  • Understand why welds may crack and how such problems can be avoided
  • Understand different weldability concepts.

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