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Course PCN WI-3 PCN Welding Inspector Level 3 Training and Examination package

Duration: 4 days + 1 day examination

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Based on the syllabus requirements of PCN I&T (GEN), the training course provides thorough training and qualification for welding inspection personnel including welders, technicians, inspectors, and engineers who have already achieved PCN Welding Inspector Level 2. This course is for experienced personnel and includes an advanced treatment of the syllabus parts in order to prepare candidates for the Level 3 examination.

The course satisfies the formal training element of the requirements of PCN welding inspector only and does not include radiographic interpretation which should be addressed via alternative training and exams to PCN requirements before attending the Level 3 course.

Practical aspects are emphasised by ensuring that theoretical training is complemented with practical sessions concerning the details of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, welding inspection technology of welding processes, welding procedures, welder qualification, fabrication documentation, NDT reports, assessment of documentation including materials certification, aspects of weldability of steels, consumable control and other relevant topics of the supervisory inspector including principles of supervision, planning, organising, auditing utilizing real world case studies under the guidance of a qualified tutor/instructor.

Course members are introduced to the variety of practical applications associated with advanced welding inspection, paving the way for career development opportunities as Inspection Coordinators, or Welding Coordinators following further experience and training.

Course Content Level 3

Joints, welds and terminology; The role of the welding inspector Level 3; Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Inspection requirements; Reporting; Codes and standards; Welding procedures; Communication in Welding; Welding symbols; Welding processes; Welding consumables; Equipment for Welding Inspection; Introduction to materials, heat treatments and weldability; Residual Stress and distortion; Qualification Testing and supervision; Origin of welding imperfections (defects); Health and Safety in Welding - RAMS; Supervision; Planning; Organisation; Auditing; Failure of welded products;.

Course outcomes:

On completion of the course you should be able to:

  • Understand welding terminology and definitions related to visual inspection.
  • Correctly assess various welded joints for features and imperfections
  • Identify weld features and weld characteristics associated with arc welds
  • Apply a given acceptance criteria for welding imperfections and sentence welds
  • Produce a weld inspection report and provides appropriate details of inspection
  • Appreciate different welding processes and their features.
  • Appreciate typical welding documents that aid effective visual inspection
  • Appreciate the content of a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and its influence on visual inspection.

Suitable for

All inspection personnel, engineers, supervisors, welding inspectors, technicians etc* who currently hold **PCN Welding Inspector who are required to carry out the supervision of welding inspectors and NDT personnel by holding an internationally recognised qualification in welding inspection at L3.
* Please refer to the current PCN welding Inspector document for eligibility requirements.
** Holders of other welding inspection qualifications may be able to bridge to PCN L2 to be eligible to sit L3 training and exams. Further details on request.

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