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Course AWT-2 Aerospace Welding Technology

Duration: 2 x 1 week modular programme

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Course overview:This modular course was originally designed for Rolls Royce and is specifically aimed at all personnel who need to be able to have an appreciation of a broad range of welding technology related to aerospace applications.

Course content

Modelled on part of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and European Welding Federation (EWF) “Welding Specialist” syllabus the programme includes four key areas of:

  • Welding process technology
  • Materials and weldability
  • Construction and design
  • Fabrication and applications engineering

Each day concentrates on specific and focussed welding technology looks at specific topics related aerospace components.

On day 1 of each module the timetable includes welding processes such as TIG, Plasma, Electron Beam resistance & brazing methods and specific details related to the control of welding.

Day 2 of each module looks at the materials and weldability issues and concentrates on the different welding problems of stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium alloys.

Day 3 looks at design and construction aspects includes topics such as joint design, weld symbols, basics of welding design and failure of welded joints including fatigue and brittle fracture of welded joints.

Day 4 of each module concentrates on quality matters including quality assurance, quality control and inspection including both visual examination and non destructive testing. Welder and weld procedures qualification is also included during this time along with other topics.

The final day of module 1 looks at practical aspects and case studies. The course concludes with an end of course assessment.

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