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Terms and conditions for welding engineering consultancy services

Consultancy work is only provided following written acceptance of any proposal & costing by a client or third party.

A quotation will be provided by Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd which provides details related to all costs but not including reasonable expenses. We however will provide an estimate of expenses on request.

A written confirmation is required before the event(s) is/are provided which must be immediately confirmed with a purchase order from the client detailing the quotation number if applicable.

Invoices are issued at the end of a consultancy term or for longer projects at selected times agreed with the client. Payments are strictly 30 days from date of invoice.  All payments are subject to the current European Union legislation regarding late payment and may incur interest charges in accordance with such legislation.

In the event of cancellation by the client Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd will not be liable for any fees associated with the project(s) incurred from external consultants’ fees or from travel, accommodation or living expenses already incurred. If the cancellation notice is less than 21 days, Weld-Class Solutions Ltd reserves the right to retain or claim for 100% of the original quotation fee including any VAT.

Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd reserve the right to cancel any contract if there are conditions beyond our control such as travel problems, flight cancellations, sickness of the consultant or other difficulties. Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd will however provide as much notice as is possible at that time.

Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd also reserves the right to change consultants as required should any problems or changes to the original project scope arise.

Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of technical (or otherwise) statements, views or opinions expressed by consultants of Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd, or any misinterpretations of the materials or information provided during the consultancy term or any misinterpretations subsequent to the consultancy term directly by employees of the company or any third party.

For consultancy work held at clients’ premises, any liability related to any legal, insurance (personal or company), health, safety or environmental is the responsibility of the client.

It is the responsibility of the client to confirm details, cover and scope of insurance such as Professional Indemnity Insurance requirements of Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd before any work is carried out.

Health and Safety for all services:

The client is responsible for communicating any specific individual or company aspects related to the health, safety and welfare of their staff or contractors.

For in –house courses the company is responsible for communicating to Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd personnel or their contractors in relation to but not limited to: Induction training; Health and safety policy statement; Responsibilities of weld-class-solutions ltd personnel;  Health and safety risks arising from weld-class-solutions work activities ;Consultation with employees and other contractors working in close proximity;  Instruction in the safe use of plant and equipment;  Safe handling and use of hazardous or harmful substances;  Provision of all information, instruction and supervision necessary;  Accidents, first aid and any work that may cause ill health; Monitoring of hazardous tasks;  Emergency procedures such as fire and evacuation.