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CASE STUDY #9 - From Stainless to Painless

In the summer of 2011 a company who specialises in stainless steel products approached Weld-Class-Solutions for some training of design personnel. This followed several in-service product failures.

The client initially enquired and proposed our standard course “Effective Welding Design”. On further discussion it was clear that this course was not specifically what was required and a special tailored training course was discussed with the client and a proposal was put together along with a timetable and course objectives.

As part of the specialist Product and Process Review, Weld-Class-Solutions were able to also provide help and support in a technical capacity to help and advise the client on a range of welding engineering matters including the avoidance of their product failures as well as a successful training course for 10 design engineers.

The following provides a response from the clients’ course organiser.

“I think generally the feedback was really positive from the course; I don’t think it’s quite what everyone was expecting but I think it was absolutely what they needed. Before we had the course I think people wanted to be told how to design a good weld but soon realised that it isn’t as simple as just saying, make it 3mm and it will be strong enough etc. I think that message definitely came across well.

Many thanks for all your additional help with the Best Practice Guide”.

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