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CASE STUDY #8 - Leading edge technology – friction stir welding

A company approached Weld-Class-Solutions in relation to the welding of a special new product manufactured in an aluminium alloy which required the very accurate “mating” of two critical parts which had to be made in two halves as moulds.

The precision machined parts also required perfect dimensional accuracy following welding without any further machining which, due to the mould design, was not possible.

Several other welding experts had been approached beforehand and had suggested the use of Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding to achieve the goal. Weld-Class-Solutions visited the company and carried out a Product and Process Review.

On an in-depth analysis of the client’s specific problem and requirements, MIG welding was rejected on a number of grounds. However, due to the specialist welding engineering knowledge of Weld-Class-Solutions we were able to propose the use of “Friction Stir Welding” to the client which would provide the necessary benefits required.

We also were able to put the client in touch and met with a friction welding expert who was validated as a suitable vendor, who could validate the proposal and provide the necessary specialist equipment and expertise to satisfy both the needs of the product and the client.

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