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CASE STUDY #6 - Welding Design – the missing link

“Over the years we have seen some very costly mistakes with weld design problems from our design engineers and we wondered if you can run a series of courses for our design personnel to improve their knowledge and understanding of welding design technology, as we have a multi billion pound contract and we don’t want to make the same mistakes again”

Below are the comments from the course members Event Evaluation Forms following the training courses. (Event Evaluation Forms are always completed by all course members so we can continue our quest for continuous improvement to all of our services).

“Good, thorough overview and covered the basics to the more advanced topics”

“Course content was well tailored to what we were really interested in”.

“Really good and engaging course presenter”

The presenter has “excellent knowledge and experience”

“Huge topic covered at a high level and the course presenter kept the interest up”

“Will change my future designs for the better, thanks!”

“Very knowledgeable presenter with a good range of anecdotes”

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