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CASE STUDY #2 - Welding with the wrong wire

“We have recently finished a welded construction and the client has questioned the use of a non approved welding consumable. The potential is that we now have to remove all of the welds and re-weld every joint with a welding consumable which is ISO approved. Can you provide any advice?”

It was established from further discussions with the client that this requirement was actually specified in the code/contract requirement but wasn’t picked up at the time of tender. The implication was huge for the contractor and if the welds had to be removed and re-welded this would have had significant cost implications and possibly put the company in deep financial crisis.

Weld-Class Solutions suggested that the welding consumable that was used should be post weld re-qualified and tested to ensure that it met the required properties and was comparable to the specified specification. This was completed with the approval of the 3rd party and whilst the main welds were non-destructively tested with ultrasonic testing to ensure that no cracking had occurred in the fabrication at a cost to the fabricator, it was a small price to pay compared to the potential for the original request of a full weld removal, re-welding and re-examination.

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