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CASE STUDY #11 - “Certified” IIW and EWF Welding Coordinator in the frame

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In 2012 Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd were approached by a major building contractor in relation to the refurbishment of a listed parabola roof type building made in the 1960's.

The work involved the manual metallic arc welding of some steel wedges which, following local chemical analysis, the steel composition was found, at least in theory, to have potentially good welding characteristics.

However, the large steel wedges which help support the huge roof structure - the largest in the UK of this design type, were both very thick in cross section and of a large mass due to the steel being cast in concrete. This meant as a consequence, that fast cooling rates would result when welded and there was a real risk of hydrogen induced cold cracking occurring if suitable welding procedures and controls were not strictly adhered to.

Because of the complex nature of the work and that welding had to be carried out in an open site environment to very exacting standards, it also meant that the Welding Engineering input would be significant as the welding repair was a real issue in relation to both criticality and success.

How we helped:

To solve this, Certified International Institute of Welding and European Welding Federation qualified Welding Engineer - Mark Cozens of Weld-Class-Solutions Ltd was recruited to ensure the success of the project.

As project coordinator for the welding coordination, Mark was required to look at a number of aspects including equipment, consumable and metallurgical aspects along with the practical controls required to complete the repair. The welding team also included highly skilled and qualified welders who would be carrying out the welding.

Throughout the process, Mark was on hand to ensure the technical and practical requirements were met and to ensure the inspection personnel who would assess the weld quality using both visual and non-destructive testing were also briefed on what was required.

As the project Certified Welding Coordinator, Mark Cozens was also dealing with both Technical and Code requirements with the both the Consulting Engineers and with the Client.

Due to the criticality of the work, the planning and organization of the project was key to its success and a number of welding trials were carried out beforehand in order to establish the very exacting preheat and welding requirements for the application.

In addition, specialist preheat equipment was also resourced as well as post welding requirements including inspection and testing to exacting requirements.

Whilst the coordination of the project was both complex and unique, it was completed successfully without any further complications such as rework or repair.


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